Gain Clarity In Your Purpose

Gain clarity in your purpose, develop clear direction on your goals and objectives to transform your life.

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Become A More Effective Leader

Develop a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole.

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Grow Your Business

Remove barriers to success, and shape your business into what you dreamed it could be.  

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Increased Quality In Interpersonal And Intimate Relationships

Increasing your personal interactions will lead to greater personal and professional satisfaction. 

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TRIDENT's unique approach called Core Energy™ Coaching, helps to discover the default tendencies, beliefs, and perceptions that have been adopted over the years. This helps our clients become conscious of how these default tendencies have guided their decisions and actions and driven their success (or lack thereof).

Partnering with TRIDENT Coaching you will be able to create your ideal image of yourself and of your business while watching your business reemerge as an energetic, successful and immensely satisfying.

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Improved Their Time Management Skills


Improved Their Work Performance 


Experienced Improvements In Their Relationships


Increased Their Leadership Effectiveness


Improved Their Work/Life Balance


Increased Confidence & Reduced Stress


Tim is a fantastic mentor and coach. The skills Tim teaches are not only doable they’re in fact transformational. I recently completed his Energy Leadership program. Those around me in business and at home certainly noticed a positive difference in me. Thanks for all your help Coach Tim.

Peter H.

Business Adviser

This group provided a small group of business owners the opportunity to collaborate and grow together in ways not otherwise possible with out the group. We learned so much about our leadership strength and weakness and how to harness them for the greater possible outcome. I recommend the group to any one looking to apply real leadership skills to their business or any aspect of their lives. Thanks Tim, this group will forever be a turning point in my business for the better.

Dennis G.

Business Owner

I own a small business in which Trident Coaching has played a major role in helping start my small business. Tim Williamson's inspiration has helped me launch my business to the next level. Tim's business knowledge and intuition has been instrumental for my business growth. I strongly recommend Trident and will always consider them as an integral part of my team

Mark C.

Business Owner

Tim Williamson has the leadership qualities to lead any team, at any capacity, in any industry. He is very interested in developing the people he leads into better employees, individuals, and eventually leaders themselves. His knowledge from the operations side to marketing and business development is more than anyone else I have worked with. His drive to get things accomplished quickly but correctly was infectious. Tim is one of the leaders that uses times of difficulty and stumbles into a learning experience.

Scott M.


Tim has helped me tremendously not only with my business, but also with my personal development. Tim will help you identify areas where you might want to improve and/or develop. In my case, sometimes I am able to identify barriers or challenges of unknown factors that didn’t even know existed.

Marco C.


The biggest risk is not improving your life. You can't get more time. The investment returns 10-20x what you invest from what you learn.

Kevin S.

Business Owner

Tim, You are helping us more than you know.  I have a confidence that I haven't had for a while.  Thank you my friend. 

Jim H.

Business Owner

The Core Energy™ Program is a powerful model that truly changes behavior, which results in bottom-line benefits for you and your organization.  To help you achieve these powerful life changing results you deserve, our programs are designed to be a minimum one-year experience.  

Experience Coaching

Tim Williamson, CPC, ELI-MP

Entrepreneur, Author, Trainer, Leadership Coach

As a member of multiple business start-ups and expansions, under the leadership of Mr. Williamson his businesses have been recognized as Top 5 Best Places to Work and listed as a Top 100 business by Moss Adams, LLP.

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We develop strong and effective leaders through a proven, powerful model that truly changes behavior, which results in a more fulfilling and successful life.